Sunday, April 16, 2017

Save Time with "Office in a Box"

Have you gone to the office to make copies only to find that the office stapler is out of staplers, or you can't find a paper clip or sticky note?   As a special ed teacher, I am forever copying IEPs, reports and putting together paperwork and hate running back to my class for supplies that office was out of. So I got smart one day and came up with my "Office in a Box" kit that I keep in my teacher mailbox in the office.  It has everything I need! 

Easy to make: Purchase a shallow clipboard box, which is a little larger than an 8 1/2 x 11 paper. It is about 1 inch tall, so it doesn't fill up your whole mailbox. Next put a small desk drawer organizer in it (you might use adhere it to the box with a glue gun so it doesn't move around). Put your name on it. Then add your essentials such as pens, pencils. small stapler, staples, staple remover, eraser, paper clips, scissors, and sticky notes.

Speaking of sticky notes, I have some blank ones in my "office in a box," but also some pre-printed ones I made such as "Sign and return" which I just print out and stack on the inside cover).  It has make my life so much easier when I need to send home meeting notices for parents to sign.

An "Office in a Box" can also be very useful to keep in your car (because you can only stuff so much in your vehicle's storage containers and pouches)!  It might come in handy when your child needs a paper clip or pencil on the way to school in the morning. Itinerant teachers who travel from school site to school site will love it, too!  

If you are an IEP case manager (speech, special ed, related services provider, etc.) and would like more time saving tips like this, check out my "IEP Case Manager Time Saving Tools" in my TeachersPayTeachers store.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

World Autism Day 2017

Sunday, April 2, 2017 is World Autism Day. I have grown from knowing and teaching the students I have had with Autism/Aspergers.  I love that a friend of mine (parent of child on the spectrum) has always said that her son's Aspergers was never an excuse, but a gift!!!  And it is!  I hope that everyone on the spectrum and their loved ones come to realize that!

In addition, get some freebies here:

Support Autism Awareness and Acceptance. Support Neurodiversity! 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Back To School: Minecraft ABC Flashcards - FREEBIE ALERT!

School will be starting before we know it!!!  So here is a fun freebie! I have posted Minecraft ABC Flashcards in my TeachersPayTeachers Store.  Get a free set of letter flashcards with a picture of a something with that letter on it.  My older students who are still at a kinder level academically love these to work on alphabet letter names and sounds!!! They especially like to practice spelling their names (so you might print some extra letters in case they need more than one of a letter). High Interest/low level product!  General ed kids could use them to practice spelling words and more. Enjoy!!!  Please leave a comment below telling how you used them! And I also would appreciate a positive rating in my store!! Thanks!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Easy and Cheap Water and Ice Games for Back-To-School

It is summertime, but school will be back before we know it. Why not start off the year with some fun water games?!! Even though it gets to be 100 degrees or more during August when school starts our school always saves water days for the end of the year. Well, why wait?!! Having water games now could be a great incentive to have great behavior while learning new procedures and routines!   The games described below I did while I taught Extended School Year (summer school for kids with special needs) but they would be just as fun at the beginning of the year!

I sent a note home saying kids could bring kids brought a towel, flip flops and clothes to get wet in on Friday. Here are the cheap and super easy water games we played. At first all we could think of was water balloon toss, but soon we came up with other games.  Note: there's a drought going on here in California so we didn't just turn on the sprinklers and let them go crazy.  And we did everything on the grass (not blacktop) so all spilled water would not be wasted.

These games were done with kids going into grades 2-5 (special ed). The goal was to have and fun and get wet, so we didn't stress the competition part of any game.  Plus, any child that did not want to do a particular game could just watch!

Water version of DUCK, DUCK, GOOSE, called DRY, DRY, WET.  Materials: small bowl, tub of water. Dunk a small bowl in the tub of water to fill it up.  The child with cup walks around the circle and holds the cup over each person's head and said DRY instead of saying DUCK. Then instead of saying GOOSE, he says WET and dumps the water on the child's head or back of neck, then runs around the circle.  (Some kids didn't want to get water in their ears, so consider only dumping water on the back of the neck.). The way we played was that regardless of whether the child got tagged or not, they sat down and the person who got wet went next. We didn't play with a mushpot.

GAMES WITH ICE.   Our cafeteria has an ice machine so it was really easy to get a large tub of ice for different games listed below.

Ice grab.  Materials: a chair, plastic shoe box size tub and small bowl for each station, water, ice cubes.   Fill a couple of tubs 1/3 full with water.  Each kid sits in a chair and puts their foot in the tub of water. You add ice cubes. Then they need to remove as many ice cubes as they can with their toes and put in small bowl next to them.  I gave them a time limit like 30 seconds or a minute.

Sit on it.  Materials: chair and ice cubes.  We didn't have large blocks of ice for kids to sit on, so I just dumped some ice cubes in the seat of some chairs, and kids took turns sitting on the ice as long as they could (or you could give a time limit like 2 minutes and see who can last the longest).

For kids waiting their turn to do Ice grab or Sit on it: 

  • Give each kids a piece of ice hold in their hands - see how long they can hold it.   
  • I also put ice down their backs if they wanted me to.
  • Ice spitting: Kids are probably already in a line waiting for above games, so just give each one a piece of ice. They put it in their mouths and try to spit it as far as they can. If they aren't in a line, then have them start on the edge of the grass, and spit out into the grass.

If you want to spend a little money, get some water balloons at a dollar store.  I blew up about 30 water balloons the day before in the janitor's closet, where there was a faucet higher up (better than bending down at an outside faucet), plus there was a special nozzle so you could turn the water on a off really easy to fill them up.  After each water balloon game, kids had to pick up all the little balloon pieces from the grass and throw away before beginning the next game!

Sit on it Relay Race
Materials: Each team needs a chair and water balloon for each person (put in tubs next to each team).
Put kids in teams. When it is their turn, each person will grab a water balloon and run to chair. Put the water balloon in the chair, then sit on it until they pop it. If after a few times they couldn't do it we told them to break the water balloon over their head.  Then run back and tag the next person to take their turn. Go to back of line and sit down.

Water Balloon Launch
Materials: 2 people, beach towel, water balloons. We did this at the end each day with any leftover water balloons. Two people hold ends of a beach towel.  Kids stand 20 feet away.  Put 1 water balloon in the middle of the towel. On the count of three launch the balloon up in the air for kids to try to catch! We started with just one balloon at at time, then later started adding 2 or 3 at a time. If a water balloon didn't break, then the kid that got it could break it over their own head!

Conclusion. The kids absolutely loved the games and I loved it because it didn't cost a lot of money!!!!! I did bring a few extra towels for anyone who forgot theirs.  Be sure to send notes home so kids remember to bring a towel and flip flops as a minimum and a change of clothes if they want. Also, be sure the check the bathrooms to be sure no one left anything in there.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dance Party in our Classroom!

Our class loves to have a dance party for PE using! 
Click below to see our video.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Please Help My Student Fighting Cancer!


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Wouldn't it be devastating to find out that your child has cancer? And then be forced to move in order to save money to pay for his care? That has happened to one of my students. Gio (age 7) was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer in May 2014. After he finished 11 days in the hospital getting his first 2 rounds of chemo, his family of 6 moved in with relatives to save money for medical expenses. I teach a self-contained special ed class, grades K-3, so Gio will be in my class for the next 2 years!! He is a sweet boy who has overcome many obstacles in his life, and the family is so deserving of our help.

I thought I could help Gio’s family by offering a bunch of my items for sale in a bundle at a special rate.
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Save Time with "Office in a Box"

Have you gone to the office to make copies only to find that the office stapler is out of staplers, or you can't find a paper clip or s...