Earth Day Idea for 2018

I saw something interesting recently that I want to share with you.  After you teach your class to reduce, reuse and recycle, give them ideas of what else they can do. "Eye Opening Comic: Do Something." This resource comes in color and black/white from Cool Shop Rap Comic's TpT store.  I think this comic would be very engaging to students of all ages.


Writing Project about Mom, Grandma, Sister or Aunt

Kids are being raised by moms, aunts, grandmas, and even  older sisters,  so as teachers, we need to be inclusive when it comes to activities and assignments that focus on parents. Don't assume that all of your students live with their mom. Moreover, even if you know for a fact each of your students live with their mom now, we can help cultivate kindness in our kids for their friends who don't live with their mother. 

In addition, over the years of my teaching career, I've known too many kids who have lost their moms to death (illness or car accidents), but also CPS, jail, or just had a tough situation with separation/divorce.

Kids need to practice Typing/Keyboarding Skills

Elementary students use the computer more and more each day. Many classes or schools are 1:1 with technology. I am itinerant and many of the classes I visit have one laptop for each student. Do you have laptops or tablets for all your students?

Small Math Flashcards to save on paper and copies!!

So you want your class to have their own set of flashcards to practice when there is extra time? Even if you have a 1:1 classroom there are times when the Internet isn't working. When that happens it would be great for  would be for each student to have a set of math flashcards to keep in their pencil boxes at their desk, plus an extra set to keep at home!! I've always had limits on how many copies I could make in the office, so making all those copies would use up my allotment. So I thought it might be good to make the flashcards smaller, with more on the page.

Test Prep - Let Kids Practice Filling in the Bubbles

Do you teach a primary grade and want your class to have some exposure to standardized testing without all the stress?  Or do you teach special ed and the kids don't take standardized tests except once a year? State standardized testing is coming up and if your students don't have any idea how to mark their answer choices using a standardized test format, I have a solution for you.

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How to use My Easy Groundhog Activity and Posters

Here it is, just in the nick of time to see if the Groundhog will see his shadow or not! Grab this quick and easy activity, along with posters to cover the main parts of Groundhog Day!

This resource can be a great addition to any elementary classroom unit out there...well, probably all grades, as long as the posters aren't to cutesy!

Easiest Way to Use It:

Just print the signs you want (you probably will NOT want to use all of them) and put them up somewhere in your class. I like put one on my classroom door so they see it often, then have the others posted elsewhere in the room next to the sign up sheet.

A few days before, put up

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