Wack-A-Pack Valentines and GIVEAWAY!

I was at Dollar Tree the other day and saw these "Wack-A-Pack" Valentines.

Most of my students are boys, so I thought, "Cool, this might be a Valentine my boys would like!" So I had to buy some (they come four for a $1 so the price was right.)  Below is a close up of the directions:

I tried it and it does work, but you have to be patient. First the wrapper pops, then after a few seconds the balloon inflates and pops out of the wrapper. Here are two inflated balloons below so you can estimate the size.

Yes, it comes with the gold thread, too!  I'm going to give them to my students for Valentine's Day! 

You can get one, too, for free! I'd like to see if anyone is even reading my blog, so please leave a comment by Jan. 31. Please leave a url, email or some way for me to contact you to get your address if you win! After Jan. 31, I will randomly select a winner. If you win, I will mail you one of the wack-a-packs so you can try it out for yourself. Thanks for reading and have a great day!!

Type about Martin Luther King, Jr. and Easy Craft

Here are two fun activities to do in celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in January. The first project is one that a retired teacher friend shared with me. We traced the shapes and had kids cut out. Then kids pasted the words to the song at the bottom of the picture. 

Below are the parts needed, along with a song you can teach your class. 

Student will follow directions to paste the parts correctly and in order.  Below are two student samples of the final project!

The song pasted at the bottom of the page is sung to the tune of  "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands."

Martin Luther King... had a dream. (repeat 3 times)
He had the whole world in his dream.
He had me and you... in his dream.
He had me and you.. in his dream.
He had me and you... in his dream.
He had the whole world in his dream!


Here is a new activity that kids can do during center or independent time using technology with access to the internet.  After reading and learning about Dr. King, students can practice their typing skills by typing sentences about Dr. King. 

Students will need to use punctuation and the shift key to capitalize at the beginning of the sentence and proper nouns.  The sentences are given as models. They will type the sentence below.  

You can play a preview to see what it is like!  For best results and sound, please click on "Full-size preview" when you are on the page. Here is the link.

What activities do you do to celebrate the life of Dr. King, Jr.?


First Post!

Okay! I am starting a blog on teaching!  The title UR1NABillion comes from "You are one in a billion." Each one of my students is unique, exceptional, and amazing!! Well, that is true of everyone on the planet!

I am a teacher of students with special needs. I teach a self-contained class with students in grades K-3. I plan to share teaching ideas, fun stories about teaching, and probably a little of life in general. Enjoy!


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