Angry Birds and Piggies Craft project

We are still on the Angry Bird roll in my class... all thanks to Mrs. B, one of the speech tutors!!!  You can see our growing flock in the photo! Today we were planning to make the little bird bird, but then Mrs. B popped in my room with another surprise! (More on that later). Below are photos of pieces that make up the blue bird, and a group of 3 birds flying.

When Mrs. B came in she showed a Piggy and the kids went crazy with  excitement!!

However, we stuck to the schedule.. with only three days left next week I know to save the Piggy and get some good behavior along the way!  As usual, we talked about the shape, color and size of the pieces as we assembled them! 

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Another Angry Birds Craft project: Yellow and Black birds this time!

Recently I posted some pics and directions to make the red Angry Bird, see the blog post here.  Well, yesterday we made black and yellow angry birds!  They are so cute!!! Kids got to again practice color, size and shapes again while making them!

Stay tuned, because tomorrow we are going to make the cute little blue Angry Birds!!!

Besides some extra black feathers, the below pic shows pieces needed for the yellow Angry Bird.

Photo below shows pieces needed for the black Angry Bird.

Have a great day!!! Only 4 days left of school for me... IDK how I will get everything done that  needs to be done!


Blooms and Birds

Today's post isn't about teaching, just some fun photos of our garden in bloom. We have also been enjoying the birds out our kitchen window! First photo is before the roses bloomed, the second photos is during the first bloom (same lamp is shown, but from different angle).

Above is a quail, very common. Sometimes we see covey of over a dozen in our front yard or running across the street while driving.

Above is a Robin Red Breast, very common year round.

 Not sure what the above is, but it is common year round.
 Above and below are black headed grosbeaks... not common. But we see them for about 10 days every spring while they are migrating.
Hope you enjoyed this little nature break!!


Angry Birds Craft for Practicing Shape, Color & Size

 My awesome speech therapist did this craft with my class this week!! And her assistant created and cut out all the pieces for us!!! Am I the luckiest or what?!!  I love Mrs. Dominguez and Mrs. Buchinoff!  (Whoa, probably too many exclamation points in this paragraph, but hey, there's only a few weeks left of school and they really are the greatest.)

So this week we made the red angry bird.  See below for pieces used. Next week we will probably make the black one (so stay tuned).

After everyone had the pieces, the speech teacher had student hold up each type of piece (i.e. "Hold up the medium white circles. What part will those be?")  This was also a great way to make sure everyone had all the pieces.

Next, she walked them through gluing on all the pieces, again making them use words to describe each piece.  Now we did have kids sit at three tables and each one had an adult to help out, which really helped, too.  And viola! Below is the final masterpieces!! 

This morning I had the birds posted on the wall, and one of my kiddos reminded us all to not let any angry birds poop on us today!  Ha! I think I need to come with a writing activity to go with this!!


Countdown Sticks til the Last Day of School

I thought it would be fun to do a fun activity each day until the end of school comes to countdown the days. We had already started counting down the days since Day 20 on the whiteboard.  Just take some popsicle sticks and write some activities on them.  I decided to not number them, but you could always order them so that certain activities line up with the best day to do them.  Yesterday was our first day pulling a stick and we pulled "popcorn." 

Other ideas:  lunch in class, make a bookmark, do a Steve and Greg dance, get $5 Goodell Dollars, get $10 Goodell dollars, read outside, Activity/PE outside (I don't do PE normally because my students are mainstreamed during PE), 1 piece of candy (I NEVER give candy so this is a biggie in my class), write with a pen, popcorn, special art: drawing, special art: painting, bubbles, airplanes (I got dollar store styrofoam planes), kites (I got dollar store  kites that were 2 for a $1), water painting on sidewalk math, go outside and read, extra library time, background music during class.

Finally, another way to display the activities would be to write them on paper, roll up and put in purple a "bunch" of "grapes." Last year we did this and popped one each day. However, don't pop balloons if you have students who are sensitive to loud noises!

Have a great end of school year!

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