Activities for Chinese New Year in Your Class

Chinese New Year is coming soon.  2018 is the year of the Dog. Here are some activities to do. 
First, you should consider reading the book, Ruby's Chinese New Year by Vickie Lee. Introduce simple vocabulary with a word wall and follow up games.  Create some fun crafts like a dragon mask or Chinese fan made from half a paper plate. In the past I have looked up some kid friendly YouTube videos showing Chinese culture. The one that the kids loved showed Chinese drummers and acrobats performing in a street parade. 


Find out if there are any Chinese restaurants in your town that

How to use Boom Learning Decks with Google Classroom

Here is a great video that explains and shows how to use Boom Learning decks with Google classroom. The video shows how to assign decks to students different ways. This makes it so easy for kids to get valuable  independent practice work done. And easy prep for the teacher!

Link to video.


TouchMath Inspired Printables - Supplement worksheets

I love, love TouchMath!!  My kids with special needs need extra practice to master concepts of simple addition, subtraction, problem solving, etc. I like how TouchMath breaks it all down to steps.  However, I have had students who couldn't make the jump from counting objects to counting the touch points.  So over the years I've worked on ways to help bridge those skills.

  • First put objects on large TouchMath numbers (provided in kits). Or just make them yourself.  One number per piece of paper. You could also

Automatic Data Collection on Boom Learning Digital Task Cards

I found out about Boom Learning over the summer, and it has been easy to incorporate into lessons with my students. There are two main reasons why I signed up for it. First, is that grading and data collection is so easy... meaning that it does it for you!! I just love the data that is automatically collected.

While a student plays a Boom deck, he/she is given instant feedback whether they got the item correct or not. If correct, a green box appears in the corner that says, "Correct!" and chimes. If the item is incorrect a red box appears that says, "Incorrect." with Whoops sound. If the item was incorrect they almost always get to correct it before going on (depending on the type of activity they are doing). After he/she has completed the Boom deck, the progress reporting below is accessible to both teacher and student.  

Let's take closer look at the graphs that are available after the student has a Boom session.(If you click on the photo below, a larger version of it will pop up so you can see it better).  

As the teacher, you go into

$3 or Less! Christmas Themed Deals that Won't Empty Your Pocketbook! And a Freebie!

If you are looking for fun ideas that will keep your students on task the last week before winter break, check these out! Several are specific to Christmas, but others are good all winter long. And what kid actually wouldn't like to keep the Christmas spirit alive for a few days in January after returning to school?

First up is a counting pictures and beginning addition math packet of worksheets (sums to 18). This is great for when kids need to still to

Christmas TouchMath Supplement Worksheet Packet

Here are some "No Prep Print and Go" Christmas Math worksheets your special ed students will love! Here is what is included:

+ Five pages where students count pictures(sometimes multiples of the same pictures, sometimes different pictures, sometimes overlapping pictures, and sometimes the pictures are on the numbers.)

+ Five pages of

Kindness Topic #3

I love, love, love this quote from Mark Twain!  Ask kids:  What does this quotation mean? How can kindness be shown using our different senses? How can a blind person see kindness?  How can someone who is deaf hear kindness?

This Class Discussion Series is for anyone, young students, older students, general ed, special ed. Teachers can adapt to meet the needs of the classroom. Click here to see other kindness topics.



Kindness Discussion Topics #1 & 2

Topic #1 is a current popular saying. 

If you throw confetti do you expect to gather it back up? No, you are giving it freely to everyone, with no return expectations. How can someone throw kindness like confetti?  Have students brainstorm situations in which they were kind to someone else. Think of

Five Time Saving Tips for New Special Ed Teachers

Are you a new special ed teacher or speech/language teacher who mostly works with students in general ed classes? Sometimes these positions are called Resource, inclusion or Full Inclusion, Pull-out or Push-in, SLP or even RSP (Resource Specialist Program in Calif). Do you feel like you're going in crircles trying to plan for the school year? Or are you trying to keep your head above water in order to make it to the end of the year?   

It can be daunting to think about how to organize and keep on top of upcoming assessments, IEP meetings, new students,
 working with general education teachers, paraprofessionals, etc.  I can understand why because there is a lot to put into practice, even for those of us who have been at it for years!  Besides the most immediate things to do such as

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Class Discussion Topics Series: Introduction and Topics #1-3

I'm starting a new ongoing series on Class Discussion Topics to be used for anyone: young students, older students, general ed, special ed, adults, etc.

Teachers can adapt to meet the needs of the classroom.Use the topics to start a class discussion - either whole class, or in small groups.  Or maybe

Win a Free Paper Cutter and More!

I can still remember how excited I was when I

What is an Orthopedic Impairment (OI) Teacher/Specialist?

Whenever I explain my job as an itinerant orthopedic impairment teacher people think it I am an occupational therapist. While the duties of orthopedic impairment (OI) specialists/teachers and occupational therapists (OT) do overlap a little, there are some important differences.

One the main differences is that occupational therapists come from the medical/therapy field. They know a lot more about the physical body. OI teachers come from

Successful Home Visits with Your Elem. Students - General Ed and Special Ed

I started doing home visits about 15 years ago and have continued to do them in different settings: General ed third grade, special ed elementary self-contained (mild/moderate special day class - mostly kids with learning disabilities, speech, ADHD or autism), and itinerant orthopedic impairment teacher. Now that I am itinerant and have students spread over 3,000 square miles, I am unable to do them as much.  But I have that home visits are a great way to get to know the student, and let the family how much I care about them. 

If you are considering doing home visits, first, you need to determine

How to Make Morning Meeting/Circle Time Work in Self-Contained Multi-Grade Special Ed Class

This is how I incorporated circle time/morning meeting into my self-contained class with 12-20 students grades K-5 mild/moderate disabilities (on a general ed TK-6 public school campus).

First of all, whole class circle/calendar times did not work for my kids when

Ideas to Help Kids Learn to Spell Their Names

Tired of making file folder name activities for each student to practice spelling their name? While it is good to have manipulatives right in front of the student (and keep reading to see a list of ideas), here is a way to help them get more practice and for you to progress monitor and see if they are actually spelling their name correctly.  

Using the internet, students are presented with a variety of tasks to

What to Cover in an IEP Meeting

There is a lot of work that goes into the IEP meeting. But what you do and say once you are at the meeting? Don't become speechless. Find out if your school, district or SELPA has a standard meeting agenda you can use.

I once worked at a school which had

Save Time with "Office in a Box"

Have you gone to the office to make copies only to find that the office stapler is out of staplers, or you can't find a paper clip or sticky note?  As a special ed teacher, I am forever copying IEPs, reports and putting together paperwork and hate running back to my class for supplies that office was out of. So I got smart one day and came up with my "Office in a Box" kit that I keep in my teacher mailbox in the office.  It has everything I need! 

An "Office in a Box" can also be very useful to

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